Inheritance Tax forms

Here you can find a list of all the IHT forms that may be needed regarding your Inheritance tax - these forms vary depending on your situation. You can speak to an adviser and find our more information about the forms and what form is for you.

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Probate and confirmation

  • Confirmation (C1)
  • Notes for completetion of forms C1, C3 & C5 (2006)
  • Notes for completion of forms C1, C3 & C5 (2004)
  • Probate summary IHT421

Excepted estates - where full Inheritance tax isn't required

  • Return of estate information IHT205 (2011)
  • Return of estate information IHT207 (2006)
  • Return of estate information C5 (2006)
  • Information about small estates C5 SE (2006)
  • Return of estate information C5 OUK (2006)
  • Notes of completion of forms C1, C5 & C3 (2006)
  • Return of estate information C5 (2004-2006)
  • Notes for completion forms C1, C5 & C3 (2004)
  • Claim to transfer unused nil band rate for excepted estates IHT217

Inheritance Tax is due - or a full account is required

  • Inheritance tax account IHT400
  • Claim to transfer unused Inheritance Tax nil rate band (IHT216)
  • Domicile outside the United Kingdom (IHT401)
  • Claim to transfer unused nil rate band (IHT402)
  • Gifts and other transfers of value (IHT403)
  • Jointly owned assets (IHT404)
  • Houses, land, buildings and interest in land (IHT405)
  • Bank and building society accounts (IHT406)
  • Household and personal goods (IHT407)
  • Household and personal goods donated to charity (IHT408)
  • Pensions (IHT409)
  • Life assurance and annuities (IHT410)
  • Business and partnership interests and assets (IHT413)
  • Listed stocks and shares (IHT411)
  • Unlisted stocks and shares and control holdings
  • Agricultural Relief (IHT414)
  • Interest in another estate (IHT415)
  • Debts due to the estate (IHT416)
  • Foreign assets (IHT417)
  • Assets held in trust (IHT418)
  • National Heritage assets, conditional exemption and maintenance funds (IHT420)
  • Probate summary (IHT421)
  • Direct Payment Scheme bank or building society account (IHT423)
  • Reduced rate of Inheritance Tax (IHT430)
  • Claim for relief - loss on sale of shares (IHT35)
  • Claim for relief - loss on sale of land (IHT38)
  • Election for Inheritance Tax to apply to asset previously owned (IHT500)
  • Instrument of variation checklist (IOV2)

Inheritance tax is due in a trust

  • Inheritance Tax account (IHT100)
  • Gifts and other transfers of value (IHT100a)
  • Termination of an interest in possession (IHT100b)
  • Assets ceasing to be held on discretionary trusts - proportionate charge (IHT100c)
  • Inheritance Tax: non interest in possession settlements - principal charge (10 year anniversary) (IHT100d)
  • Inheritance Tax: charges on special trusts (IHT100e)
  • Inheritance Tax: cessation of conditional exemption - disposal of timber or underwood (IHT100f)
  • Alternatively secured pension chargeable event (IHT100g)
  • Alternatively secured or unsecured pension fund - return of information (IHT105)
  • Domicile outside the United Kingdom (D31)
  • Stocks and shares (D32)
  • Debts due to the settlement or trust (D33)
  • Land, buildings and interests in land (D36)
  • Agricultural Relief (D37)
  • Business relief, business or partnership interests (D38)
  • Foreign assets (D39)
  • Claim for Inheritance Tax business relief on employee benefit trusts (IHT70)

Correcting an Inheritance tax account

  • Corrective account C4
  • Corrective inventory and account (Scotland) C4/5

Inheritance Tax forms: commercial software suppliers

  • Commercial software suppliers

Paying Inheritance Tax

  • Application for an Inheritance Tax reference (IHT422)
  • Application for a clearance certificate (IHT30)